Business Analysis is a most important function in the process of Software Development. A Business Analyst has to play a variety of roles in a software development project.

One of the basic responsibilities of a Business Analyst is, to be the face of customer for the functioning team. Business Analyst is a connection between the customer and the functioning team. It is very important for a Business Analyst to get into the shoes of client and build the confidence of the implementation team on him. The team should have the same faith on the Business Analyst as they would have on the client. It is the responsibility of a Business Analyst to build that rapport with the team. As a Business Analyst you will be the first person to know about the challenges faced by the implementation team and you have to make sure that all the Business Requirements are first clear and then implemented in the system being built.

As a Business Analyst you will have to spend a considerable time on communicating with the client to understand his concerns and build on your knowledge of his business problem. At the same time Business Analyst needs to spend a considerable time with the implementation team again communicating the Business Requirements of the client. Business Analyst will have to resolve the issues raised by the implementation team sometimes by his prior knowledge of the Business Problem and discussing with the client at other.

Through this blog I would like to share the knowledge in the profession on Business Analysis. Though most of these groups are in the starting phase just like this blog but with time I hope to have lots of discussions on these platforms and build an active community of Business Analysts throughout the world.

Stay Tuned for Next Post:)

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